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    selection of exhibitions

2023 Golden hour handshakes, krk, curated by Hanna Besenhard & Nanna Kaiser

with Jessica Comis, Anna Hostek, Lisa Jäger, Demian Kern, Conte Potuto, Titania Seidl, Fabian Terler

2021 ALL CORNERS MADE TO BE LEANED, Kunsthaus Rhenania, Cologne, invited by Eliza Ballesteros

with Anna Budniewski & Michael Dikta , Sarah Doolan, Till Gerhard Hausotte, Anna Hostek, HULFE, Leander Kreißl, knuddi2000, Arthur Löwen, Katerina Matsagkos, Philipp Naujoks, Phung Tien Phan, Sara Rossi, Anna Reutinger, Katharina Schilling, Georg Thanner, Lissy Willberg

2021 Hypercloth, Fonda, Leipzig, invited by Lea Dippold

with Albin Bergström, Anna Hostek, Elena Buscaino & Mina Bonakdar, Marie Fillon, Marlene Schwarz & Lea Dippold, Sophia Eisenhut & Lara Hampe, Theresa Zwerschke

2020 Platinum B., E++, Vienna, organized by Juni-Nyusta Ruckendorfer, Samuel Linus Gromann, Laurids Oder, Pedro Herrero Ferrán

with Parastu Gharabaghi, Alban Díaz, Daniel Milanovic, Helena Tan, Lukas Posch, Lara Joy Evans, Franz Mussner, Anna Hostek, Qiankun Tu, Felizitas Moroder, Emilie Palmelund, Irina Lotarevich, Daniel Pérez Coronel,  Julija Zaharijević, Anton Halla, Jumpei Shimada, Evelina Jonsson, Chin Tsao, Lukas Pierre Poirey, Luna Ghisetti, Jan Vorisek, Cæcilie Heldt Rønnow, Meltem Rukiye Calisir, Dan Vogt 

2020 Cruel Summer Camp, EXILE Gallery, Vienna
with Abdul Sharif Baruwa, Anna Bochkova, Anna Hostek, Bianca Pedrina, Edin Zenun, Filip Dvořák and Martin Kolarov, Flavio Palasciano, Francis Ruyter, Ivana Lazic, Jackie Grassmann and Leonie Huber, 
Jakub Choma, Jakob Kolb, Kerstin von Gabain, Keresztesi Botond, Lukas Thaler, Marianne Vlaschits, Martina Smutná, Michal Michailov, Nika Kupyrova, Radek Brousil, Sarah Bechter, Sari Ember, Siggi Sekira, Siggi Hofer, Šimon Chovan, Tomáš Bryscejn, Yein Lee

2019 Saltbox Catslide Roof, Ve.sch-Kunstverein, Lower Austria, invited by Ludwig Kittinger

with Julia Hohenwarter, Peter Höll, Anna Hostek, Oscar Perry, Zlatan Pintek, Aline s. Rainer

2016 EMOZIONALE, Milan, curated by Antonia Lia Orsi
with Birke Gorm, Samuel Linus Gromann, Tim Hartmann, Anna Hostek, Lukas Kaufmann, Felizitas Moroder, Laurids Oder, Johanna Odersky, Marina Sula, Emmanuel Troy, Eugen Wist, Julija Zaharijević


    collaborative performance,- 
    &exhibition projects

2023  Sunset Sentiments, A Gathering by PW-Magazine in Collaboration with Echo Correspondence and Independent Space Index

With Anna-Sophie Berger, Anna Rimmel & Lukas Gritzner, DJ Acid Bisque aka Albin Bergstörm, GOLCE, isocialbutterflyy, Selin Davasse, Steph Holl-Trieu, Food by Ifu Egbonu

Works on site by Anna Hostek, Luna Ghisetti, Sunny Pfalzer

RED ROOMS, Schauspielhaus Vienna AT, 2,4,5,6/11/2022

Costume development for a music theatre performance - in the context of the festival WIEN MODERN


TIPSY TINA, Kunsthalle Exnergasse Vienna AT, 8/9-22/10/2022
Curation of a group exhibition based on the film TIPSY TINA
(…) At Kunsthalle Exnergasse, the group exhibition TIPSY TINA dev
eloped by artist Anna Hostek collects excerpts and insights of a young artists’ scene in various media combinations. Situated between sound, image, sculpture, photography, and fashion, it weaves together the most diverse approaches and unfolds a multiperspectival scenery. Inserted backdrops from the day before yesterday structure the space, create a vague physiognomy. The dramaturgy lies in fragments, hidden behind works. (…) The exhibition TIPSY TINA presents an experimental variant of a classical peep show dispositif in which all elements of a stage can be grasped with a single glance, without establishing hierarchies of things through the direction of the gaze. Collaborations meet individual positions, thereby forming a spatial collective. (...) The video work TIPSY TINA by Anna Hostek was the basis for the selection of the artistic positions; some were already part of the work itself. The artists were chosen from the different, autonomous chapters of the video and translated into the physical space. ( text Ada Karlbauer)

TIPSY TINA Chapter 01-07, video, 15:30min, 2020/22
The project - a hybrid between exhibition documentation, performance and film - consists of seven chapters that were individually documented on video as self-contained projects. The non-linearly short film, shows video material from various often collaborative presentation formats. An actress and the sculpture ‚TINA‘ as a second persona are presented through text and equipment. A script created in my writing practice gives the sequences a dramaturgical logic - in which parallel sculptural works are placed in a scenic context.

Chapter 01Galerie Georg Kargl PERMANENT, Vienna AT, 9/9/2020
Concept, set design, direction of the performance (19:30min) in collaboration with the performers Miriam Desta Adefris, Aline Sofie Rainer and Henrietta Rauth. As part of the performance programme of the exhibition THE SHOP curated by Rosa Rendl.

Coco & Company, foundation, Vienna AT, 21-31/1/2020
Conception and invitation of the artists Henrietta Rauth, Samuel Linus Gromann, Valerie Holfeld, Luna Ghisetti, Aline Rainer for the development of the live perfomed audio play SCRIPT 8:50min at the solo exhibition COCO & COMPANY. 

Drowning Prom Queen, collaboration with collective exhibition series E++, 14/4/2018
Conception of a group exhibition which, with its 23 positions from the visual and performing arts, functioned as a stage set for a performance directed by Anna Hostek (text by Samuel Linus Gromann). The performance was followed by a publication which, in addition to the script, also includes texts, sketches by the participants and photo documentation of the performance, exhibition, costume design and the event itself.

Der Sandwasserzwerg, Semperdepot, Vienna AT, 2017
Curation of a group exhibition that functioned as a stage set for a performance of the puppet play DER SANDWASSERZWERG (text Friedl Hofbauer) 

MUD, 2016
Exhibition & publication in collaboration curated by Sarah Ortmeyer. 

    ongoing projects
4secco, costume project, since 2019
exibited 2020: The Shop, Galerie Georg Kargl PERMANENT, Vienna
curated by Rosa Rendl - AB, 4secco, Hulfe, Knuddi2000, Lonely Boys, Malumer, Nicole Maria Winkler, PMS, VM

E++, platform, active member since 2018
as part of the exhibitions: Istanbul Modern / Expo 2005 (2015), Heumarkt (2017), Freizeitanlage Praterstern / Drowning Prom Queen (2018),

dolls and props / bierwaage 1140 / AEON (2019) 

    theatre & work
2020/22 costume design at Schauspielhaus, State Theatre Lower Austria
2020/23 production manager of the costume department Bregenz Opera Festival
2019/23 assistant to the artist Sarah Ortmeyer
2018 costume, stage assistance for Mokhallad Rasem ,Thea Hoffmann-Axthelm at Volkstheater, Julia Hansen


2021 Radiointerview at Ö1, 2020 Interview at PW-Magazine


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