ongoing projekts

TIPSY TINA, movie in the making, since 2020

4SECCO, costume projekt, founded in 2019

E++, platform, aktive member since 2018



2021 ALL CORNERS MADE TO BE LEANED, invited by Eliza Ballesteros, Kunsthaus Rhenania, Cologne

2021 HYPERCLOTH, invited by Lea Dippold, Fonda, Leipzig

2020 CRUEL SUMMER CAMP, EXILE Gallery, Vienna

2020 PLATIN B., invited by Juni-Nyusta Ruckendorfer, Samuel Linus Gromann, Laurids Oder & Pedro Herrero Ferrán, E++, Vienna

2020 THE SHOP, invited by Rosa Rendl, Georg Kargl PERMANENT, Vienna

2020 UNTER FLASCHEN - DIE FLEDERMAUS IN DER BAR DU BOIS, invited by Cosima Rainer, H­­­­­­eiligenkreuzer Hof, Vienna

2020 COCO & COMPANY, foundation, Vienna 

2019 SALTBOX CATSLIDE ROOF, invited by Ludwig Kittinger, Ve.sch-Kunstverein, NÖ

2019 OFFSHORE FRAMING, invited by GANICA STAUZ, TakeFestival, Vienna

2019 IF LINES RAN PARALLEL, invited by Leena Lübbe, Skulpturinsitut, Vienna

2018 DOLLS AND PROPS / BIERWAAGE 1140 / AEON, E++, Vienna

2017 CAFE AM HEUMARKT, invited by E++, Vienna

2016 MUD, Concept by Sarah Ortmeyer, Essence, Vienna

2016 EMOZIONALE, invited by Antonia Lia Orsi, Milan

2015 EXPO 2005 / ISTANBUL MODERN, inivited by E++, Istanbul 


collaborative performances


2020 TIPSY TINA CHAPTER 01,  Georg Kargl Permanent, Vienna

2020 SCRIPT, foundation, Vienna 

2018 DROWNING PROM QUEEN, in cooperation with E++, Freizeitanlange Praterstern, Vienna


2017 DER SANDWASSERZWERG, Semperdepot, Vienna


2019 VIENNA BIBLE, Therapy Press, Vienna

2018 DROWNING PROM QUEEN, selfpublished  by E++, Vienna

theater & work


2020 Costume design, State Theater NÖ, with Anna Soerensen, 'DAS KLEINE GESPENST'

Since 2020 Head of Costume Production, Bregenzer Festspiele, for Nicole Pleuler 'IMPRESARIO DOTCOM', Gesine Völlm, 'NERO'

2019 Costume assistance, Bregenzer Festspiele, for Julia Hansen, 'DON QUIJOTE'

2018 Costume and Stage assistance, Volkstheater Volx, for Thea Hoffmann-Axthelm, 'PLANET DER WAFFEN'         

2018 Costume designe, State Theater NÖ, with Johannes Weckl, 'ANDERS'

2018 Costume and Stage assistance, State Theater NÖ, for Mokhallad Rasem, 'MOTHERSONG'​

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